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clairecmc: Excited to be off on Ag tour. Started with plant scientists @DanforthCenter now to Geisert Farms in Franklin County."Home of Happy Pigs" -- 3 hours 53 min ago
clairecmc: RT @Cardinals: Congratulations to Trevor Rosenthal and family as they welcomed Adalyn Grace at 10:10 pm. Mother and baby doing well. http:/… -- 2 days 5 hours ago
clairecmc: On the 10 year anniversary of Katrina, a big shout out to Sen Mary Landrieu for her tireless fight to restore New Orleans. She was amazing. -- 2 days 22 hours ago

Economy & Jobs

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Creating American jobs and a healthier economy

After eight years of recklessness during the Bush Administration helped create the single worst economic crisis in generations, Claire has worked hard to stabilize the economy and bring jobs to Missouri. She knows the issues of unemployment, diminishing pensions, and the rising costs of living are serious threats to Missourians, so Claire’s fought to provide relief for working families and pave the way for economic growth. She has supported efforts to increase small businesses’ access to government contracts and curb the increasing health and fuel costs facing small business owners. Claire is committed to ensuring the economy continues to rebound and all Americans get back to work.


Creating more American jobs

Claire reached across the aisle to support numerous pieces of bipartisan legislation that brought more jobs to Missouri and all of America. These bills:

  • Made it easier for startup businesses to raise money from investors and create more jobs through the 2012 Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act; 
  • Extended and expanded tax cuts for small businesses and American workers;
  • Secured tens of billions of dollars to rebuild and repair American roads and bridges and help ensure a safe water supply;
  • Cut federal red tape for manufacturers and employers;
  • Consolidated and strengthened federal job training programs; 
  • Suspended business payroll taxes for businesses who hire previously unemployed workers;
  • Extended the Highway Trust Fund to ensure billions of dollars of additional infrastructure investment and save one million jobs; and,
  • Expanded the Build America Bonds program to allow local governments to easily borrow for new infrastructure projects. 

Strengthening small businesses

In September 2010, McCaskill voted for the Small Business Jobs Act, which:

  • Supported small businesses by offering easier access to capital;
  • Delivered more than $12 billion in lending support to small businesses, including rural businesses in Missouri;
  • Provided significant tax relief for small businesses to invest and create jobs; and,
  • Created Small Business Lending Fund to target $30 billion for community banks to access. 

Providing tax relief for Missouri families and businesses

In April 2009, Claire applauded recovery efforts that provided critical tax relief for families across Missouri. She supported tax credits for families and small businesses in order to spur investment and get the economy moving again. This legislation:

  • Created a $400 tax credit for workers, an $8,000 tax credit for first-time home buyers, $2,500 in tax credits for students to help cover the cost of tuition, and a $250 one-time payment in social security or veterans’ benefits checks;
  • Suspended a portion of taxes on unemployment benefits;
  • Allowed small businesses to write off capital investments of up to $125,000; and,
  • Increased capital gains tax breaks for small business investors. 

Fighting burdensome regulations that limit small business opportunities

Claire cosponsored the Bipartisan Jobs Act that included regulatory relief for small businesses. She has also supported measures that:

  • Provided manufacturers more time to comply with complex “Boiler MACT” EPA rules;
  • Required federal agencies to analyze costs and benefits of regulations and identify alternatives;
  • Repealed the burdensome 1099 tax reporting requirement included in healthcare reform. As a result, businesses no longer had to file forms to the IRS for every vendor with which they have at least $600 in transactions for purchases of goods; and,
  • Eased the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations on residential construction fall protections. 

Advocating for broadband access for rural communities

Growing up in rural Missouri, Claire knows how important access to technology and transportation is to rural communities. She has fought to increase employment opportunities in Missouri through access to rural broadband and infrastructure improvements. In her first term in the Senate she has:

  • Worked to reform the Rural Utilities Service (RUS) Broadband Loan and Loan Guarantee Program to provide Internet access to rural Missourians; and,
  • Secured hundreds of millions of dollars for Missouri transportation projects through the Bipartisan Highway Jobs Bill and her efforts to redirect transportation funds from Afghanistan to America.