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McCaskill raises $2.6 million in 2nd quarter, eclipsing previous Missouri Senate candidates

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July 11, 2012
Sen. Claire McCaskill has shattered another Missouri fundraising record&mdashraising $2.6 million from April through June.

The Missouri Democrat ended the 2nd quarter with more than $3.6 million cash in the bank, her campaign said Wednesday. McCaskill has already spent $3 million to reserve air time for an ad blitz before the general election, so her current bankroll can be used for get-out-the-vote efforts, glossy mailers, and other items.

McCaskill is girding for a brutal contest this fall, after the three-way Republican primary produces a winner to face her in the general election. Right now, Rep. Todd Akin, of St. Louis County, former state Treasurer Sarah Steelman, and St. Louis businessman John Brunner are all vying for the GOP nomination.

Of the Republican candidates, only Akin’s campaign made its 2nd quarter fundraising totals available on Thursday. The congressman raised $280,000 from April through June. And he ended the quarter with $1.4 million cash on hand, said Ryan Hite, a campaign spokesman.

Spokesmen for both Brunner and Steelman’s campaigns said they did not have their tallies ready yet. The candidates all have to file fundraising reports with the Federal Election Commission July 15.

McCaskill’s campaign released her top-line figures Wednesday to the News-Leader. Her 2nd quarter haul is bigger than other Missouri Senate candidates raised during the same period in previous elections.

Even as her campaign aides touted the hefty total, they also tried to play up her “grass-roots” support, saying, for example, that 87 percent of McCaskill’s donations were under $200. Adrianne Marsh, McCaskill’s campaign manager, said that contrasts with the big dollars flowing in to the race from non-profit advocacy groups that do not have to disclose their donors.

“The big, secret money is backing Claire’s opponents in order to privatize social security, end federal student loans, and protect tax breaks for the mega wealthy, while grassroots fundraising is backing Claire who is on the side of working families, fighting for opportunity and fairness,” Marsh said in an emailed statement to the News-Leader.