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1.     When Claire heard the story of Arla Harrell — a Missouri WWII veteran intentionally exposed to mustard gas by our government and then denied his VA benefits — she waged a two-year fight to ensure that Arla and his fellow veterans got the benefits they earned and deserved. [Read More]

2.     Claire worked across the aisle to pass a law that reduces burdensome regulations on small community banks so they are better able to lend to small businesses and families that are looking to invest in their communities. [Read More]

3.     Claire joined with her Republican colleagues to form the “Common Sense Coalition,” a bipartisan group of senators who brokered a compromise in order to end a federal government shutdown. Republican Senator Susan Collins said Claire played an instrumental role in negotiations and was “very constructive” in finding a bipartisan compromise to end the government shutdown. [Read More]

4.     Claire rallied bipartisan support to pass a bill that provides small businesses with much-needed resources to protect themselves against cyberattacks. [Read More]

5.     Claire worked with Republican Senator Rob Portman to speed up the federal permitting process, passing a law that cuts bureaucratic red tape responsible for stifling important, job-creating infrastructure projects. Claire also passed a provision in the law streamlining the federal permitting process for major projects, which was backed by a wide array of business groups, including the U.S. and Missouri Chambers of Commerce. [Read More]

6.     As part of her longtime effort to bring more jobs to hardworking Missourians, Claire supported a bipartisan bill that provided tax credits to small businesses that hired workers who had been unemployed for more than six months. [Read More]

7.     In the wake of the Recession, Claire worked with her colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pass a $12 billion tax cut for small businesses, giving them the resources they needed to recover and put unemployed Americans back to work. [Read More]

8.     After hearing from Missouri small animal handlers like magicians who were struggling with burdensome regulations and requirements, Claire spent years urging the Department of Agriculture to get rid of these unnecessary rules. Thanks to Claire, these unnecessary regulations were removed for animal handlers with small numbers of animals. [Read More]

9.     Claire passed legislation with Republican Senator Roy Blunt to ease burdensome regulations on St. Louis heating and air-conditioning system manufacturers, allowing them to create more local jobs. [Read More]

10.  Continuing her fight against trade policies that hurt our economy, Claire testified on behalf of Missouri’s soybean farmers and biodiesel workers and producers — which support thousands of jobs in Missouri — at the International Trade Commission. Just days after Claire’s strong advocacy, the Commerce Department began forcing foreign companies to pay cash deposits on shipments to the U.S. to cover future penalties. [Read More]

11.  When Missouri Seniors were being targeted by financial scammers, Claire spearheaded bipartisan legislation to allow financial advisors and employees of banks, broker-dealers and other financial institutions to report suspected scams to the authorities — protecting our Seniors and their savings. [Read More]

12.  Claire helped pass legislation to protect Missouri kids from unsafe toys — ensuring toys get tested for toxins before they’re sold and banning harmful substances like lead and phthalates from use completely. [Read More]

13.  When temperatures plummet, nearly 12,000 Missouri households depend on propane for heat — that’s why Claire co-sponsored and passed bipartisan legislation into law to ensure that Missouri families are protected against propane price hikes and shortages throughout the winter. [Read More]

14.  Claire passed legislation making it illegal for telemarketers to use inaccurate caller ID information to mislead consumers. [Read More]

15.  Claire worked with Republican Senator Ron Johnson to pass legislation to improve the systems that deliver lifesaving information and notices to the American public during disasters. [Read more]

16.  Following the 2008 recession, Claire passed bipartisan legislation to ensure that senior executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — two of the banks responsible for the financial crisis — couldn’t give receive bonuses while the companies were under federal control. [Read More]

17.  In an effort to curb the flow of methamphetamines, Claire co-sponsored and passed into law key legislation to carefully track the sale of chemicals that can be used to make methamphetamines and limit its influx into communities. [Read More]

18.  With Republican Senator Blunt, Claire led efforts to ensure Missouri communities got their fair share of the Federal Communications Commission’s rural broadband funding. Ultimately Missouri was awarded $255 million, more than any other state. [Read more]

19.  Claire launched the largest Congressional investigation into the business practices of opioid manufacturers, revealing the systematic manipulation of one pharmaceutical company to push their opioids on consumers, and uncovered evidence that a pharmaceutical CEO was engaging in fraud. The CEO was later arrested. [Read More]

20.  Claire co-sponsored and passed into law the bipartisan Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act to redefine the term “disability” more broadly so that more individuals are protected from discrimination. [Read More]

21.  Claire led an investigative probe into former Homeland Security Inspector General Charles K. Edwards after allegations of abuse of power. As a direct result of Claire’s investigation, it came to light that Edwards directed staff to withhold and doctor crucial investigative reports and Edwards resigned. [Read More]

22.  Following a whistleblower’s report, Claire led an ethics investigation into high-ranking Department of Labor official Raymond Jefferson, which led to his resignation after Claire’s investigation revealed that he had violated federal ethics rules by steering federal contracts to friends and former colleagues. [Read More]

23.  Claire passed a bill to eliminate government-funded oil paintings, which will save taxpayers about $500,000 a year. [Read More]

24.  Continuing her long record of fighting for government transparency and accountability, Claire led bipartisan efforts to expand and enhance the ability of government watchdogs to track potential fraud, waste, and abuse. Her bills standardized information sharing across federal departments and even paved the way for states to aggressively pursue child support payments. [Read More]

25.  Claire helped pass a series of bipartisan bills to strengthen and permanently expand whistleblower protections for nearly all federal government employees, contractors, sub-contractors and grantees. Because of Claire’s legislation, anyone working for our federal government is empowered to raise the alarm on waste, fraud, and abuse of power. [Read More]

26.  Claire passed common-sense legislation to ensure that money given to guarantee public safety and enable emergency communications was actually used for that purpose. [Read More]

27.  Claire conducted a six-year fight to rein in wasteful wartime contracting practices in Iraq and Afghanistan, including an investigation of the Pentagon’s systemic mismanagement of a contract in Afghanistan that left taxpayers on the hook for over $51 million in questionable costs, like Porsches and other luxury vehicles. [Read more]

28.  When Claire heard reports of mismanagement and program failures in an $859 million contract for the training of air traffic controllers, she led a Senate hearing to investigate — and she continues to hold the FAA accountable. [Read More]

29.  As a lead sponsor of legislation to crack down on waste and fraud in wartime contracts, Claire required government agencies to prove that taxpayer dollars wouldn’t be wasted before funds are allocated, strengthened powers to investigate cases of fraud and abuse, and established clear lines of authority. Thanks to Claire’s reforms, both the federal government and its contractors are subject to greater oversight and a higher level of accountability, saving taxpayer dollars. [Read More]

30.  Claire’s investigation into reports of earmarks in the defense authorization bill exposed 15 earmarks worth $834 million, including 20 by congressmen who had campaigned for office by saying they opposed earmarks. [Read More]

31.  Claire led a bipartisan investigation into the skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs — and then worked across the aisle to pass legislation to increase generic drug competition and lower prescription drug prices for Missouri families. [Read More]

32.  Claire co-sponsored a bipartisan plan to improve access to emergency psychiatric care by expanding the length of care covered by Medicaid, ensuring that Missourians can receive the care they need. [Read More]

33.  Claire helped pass legislation to coordinate and execute a national plan to overcome Alzheimer’s by streamlining communication between federal agencies and collaborating internationally to develop new Alzheimer’s treatments faster and improve early diagnosis of the disease. [Read More]

34.  Claire helped pass legislation to improve college affordability, including measures to expand Pell Grants, lower student loan interest rates, and forgive some loans for those working in public service. [Read More]

35.  Claire co-sponsored and passed into law bipartisan legislation to provide law enforcement with more resources to crack down on criminals who created tunnels under the southern border or were engaged in smuggling illegal immigrants through those tunnels. [Read More]

36.  Claire co-sponsored a bipartisan bill that was signed into law to provide $600 million for border security, including funding for 1,000 additional border patrol agents, 250 customs officers, and drones for border surveillance. [Read More]

37.  Claire successfully ensured that a permanent fix for 20,000 miners who were at risk of losing their health benefits was included in the 2017 government funding bill. [Read More]

38.  Claire stood up for working families by voting to increase the federal minimum wage. [Read More]

39.  Claire testified at the International Trade Commission on behalf of Missouri manufacturers to urge the ITC to hold foreign steel pipe and tubing producers accountable for illegal dumping. [Read More]

40.  Claire co-sponsored legislation that extended federal funding to help fire and emergency responders access the critical training, equipment, and staffing resources they need to protect Missourians. [Read More]

41.  Claire fought to ensure St. Louis airport police officers got to keep the Social Security benefits they’d earned after they were told they weren’t eligible. Claire organized a meeting between the St. Louis Chief of Police, their union, St. Louis City, and Social Security officials, where all parties came to an agreement. [Read More]

42.  Claire co-sponsored and helped pass the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, which ended discrimination against LGBTQ individuals in armed forces enlistment in 2010. [Read More]

43.  Claire pushed the National Guard to address concerns over inadequate services and poor accountability after helping to identify widespread problems with mental health care services. Her advocacy resulted in major changes to the program. She also helped ensure that there was a $9.5 million increase in funding for mental health care for members of the Army National Guard. [Read More]

44.  Claire helped pass legislation to ensure our military families have sufficient housing and to secure funding for military and veterans affairs programs. [Read More]

45.  Claire sponsored and passed an amendment to provide a pathway for individuals to report fraud, waste, and abuse in the VA system, further increasing government accountability. [Read More]

46.  Claire led the effort to successfully pass the VOW to Hire Heroes Act, aimed at increasing the number of jobs available to veterans. [Read More]

47.  After holding hearings on a General Motors ignition switch defect — which was connected to at least 124 deaths and resulted in a $900 million criminal settlement — Claire helped pass bipartisan legislation to incentivize whistleblowers in the automotive industry to voluntarily report information relating to any motor vehicle defect. [Read more]

48.  Claire helped identify and led the charge to clean up mismanagement and mismarked graves at Arlington National Cemetery. Her bipartisan legislation ensured the cemetery modernized its system and monitored its progress. [Read More]

49.  Claire worked across the aisle to pass the Post-9/11 GI Bill, which created and protected educational opportunities for Post-9/11 veterans, similar to the one that put her dad through school. [Read More]

50.  By helping to shape the National Defense Bill, Claire helped support thousands of Missouri jobs with the construction of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency in St. Louis and the purchase of F/A-18 Super Hornets for the U.S. Navy. [Read More]

51.  Claire led an investigation which found severe mismanagement, numerous whistleblower complaints, infighting, and duplication in the process of accounting for missing service members from past conflicts. She has fought to improve that accounting process, and spearheaded the creation of the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency. [Read more]

52.  Claire successfully pushed for the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency’s new headquarters to be built in St. Louis — creating thousands of Missouri jobs in the process. [Read More]

53.  Claire co-sponsored sanctions on Iran and North Korea to hold both countries accountable for their actions. [Read More]

54.  Claire co-sponsored legislation to modernize our national public alert and warning system to ensure that Missourians can be warned if there is a threat to public safety. [Read More]

55.  The bipartisan National Defense Authorization Act of 2016 included several measures championed by Claire to support Missouri jobs, including the purchase of Super Hornets and the authorization of construction at Whiteman Air Force Base. The bill also included Claire’s provisions to strengthen accountability in National Guard recruiting programs, and continue efforts to make the military justice system stronger for sexual assault survivors. [Read More]

56.  Claire co-sponsored a bipartisan bill that was signed into law to strengthen the United States’ partnership with Israel and support their self-defense. [Read More]

57.  Claire shaped the bipartisan Ike Skelton National Defense Authorization Act of 2010 and fought to include provisions that strengthened oversight of military contractors and improved health care coverage for military service members. [Read More]

58.  Claire teamed up with Republican Senator Pat Roberts to protect Missouri’s food supply against agro-terrorism by passing bipartisan legislation to defend U.S. food and agriculture and equip the Department of Homeland Security to respond to potential threats. [Read More]

59.  Claire co-sponsored important legislation to crack down on the flow of illegal drugs into our country by working with the Department of Homeland Security to better equip border agents, boost security at our ports of entry, and ensure that opioids are not coming over our borders. [Read More]

60.  Claire successfully secured provisions to create a new Prescription Drug Monitoring Program for the military to help curb opioid abuse. [Read More]

61.  When Jefferson City failed to create a statewide Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, leaving Missouri as the only state in the country without one, Claire successfully passed legislation to ensure localities establishing their own PDMPs could use federal funding. [Read More]

62.   After Ferguson, Claire was one of the first elected officials to call for the demilitarization of the police response to protestors and held a hearing to examine the militarization of local police departments. [Read More]

63.  Claire led a bipartisan inquiry into why pharmaceutical companies were raising the price of Naloxone, the drug widely used to reverse the effect of opioid and heroin overdoses. [Read More]

64.  Claire spearheaded the passage of federal funding for opioid prevention and treatment in Missouri. The $5 million grant put overdose antidote kits into the hands of first responders and was used to train first responders in how to intervene in overdose situations. [Read More]

65.   In a win for common sense, Claire successfully pushed the FAA to update its rules on the use of portable electronic devices on airplanes, allowing air travelers to use personal electronics throughout their entire flight. [Read more]

66.  Claire co-sponsored the Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crimes Reauthorization Act, which instructs the Department of Justice and the FBI to investigate and prosecute unsolved racially-motivated murders. [Read More]

67.  Claire passed legislation to improve rural call quality and reliability. [Read More]

68.  When Claire heard that Missouri residents along the Iowa border were being assigned Iowa mailing addresses — which caused months-long delays in their mail — she passed legislation to fix the postal quirk and ensure that everyone who lives in Missouri has a Missouri address and receives their mail without delay. [Read More]

69.  Claire passed bipartisan legislation to ensure that Missouri Seniors have access to the home and community-based services they need to maintain their independence and high quality of life as they age. [Read More]

70.  Claire helped pass a bipartisan bill to allow some hearing aids to be sold over-the-counter — bringing down costs by thousands of dollars so that those who need them can afford them. [Read More]

71.  Claire co-sponsored the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to protect women from pay discrimination. [Read More]

72.  Claire has made rising prescription drug costs a top priority, and discovered that among the 20 most commonly prescribed brand-name drugs for Seniors, prices have been rising nearly ten times more than inflation over the last five years. Claire’s investigation found that for these drugs alone, prices directly negotiated by the government could save Medicare $2.8 billion. [Read more]

73.  Claire spearheaded a historic 2-year, bipartisan investigation into online sex trafficking, shutting down the website Backpage and passing legislation to give law enforcement more tools to prosecute websites like it. [Read More]

74.  Claire was a vocal advocate for and co-sponsor of the bipartisan reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act and its expanded definitions of underserved communities — including a new clause explicitly protecting LGBTQ victims for the first time. [Read More]

75.  Claire successfully pushed for Congress to pass bipartisan legislation requiring airports to have a space where breastfeeding mothers can comfortably nurse their children. [Read More]

76.  Claire launched the very first Congressional inquiry into how colleges and universities handle rapes and sexual assaults on campus, which found a disturbing failure by many institutions to comply with current law and with best practices for handling sexual violence against students. Following her survey, Claire led a bipartisan coalition of senators in introducing sweeping legislation to combat sexual assault on college and university campuses. [Read More]

77.  By extending the deadline by which states must spend federal dollars devoted to relief efforts, Claire’s bipartisan legislation helped ensure that states could properly recover from national disasters. [Read More]

78.  As part of her ongoing fight to curb sexual assault in the military, Claire sponsored the Victims Protection Act, which sought to cut down on incidences of sexual assault in the armed forces by reforming the way the military handles sexual assault. [Read More]

79.  Claire co-sponsored legislation to close a legal loophole allowing military sex offenders to evade registering with the National Sex Offender Registry. [Read More]

80.  Claire co-sponsored legislation to protect survivors who report sexual assault in the military from retaliation. [Read More]

81.  Claire led a bipartisan investigation with Republican Senator Rob Portman looking into human trafficking of children in the U.S., shining a spotlight on failures of the federal government’s policies and practices for placing unaccompanied alien children with adult sponsors. [Read more]

82.  After learning about problems at a St. Louis VA facility, Claire created an ongoing Veterans Customer Satisfaction Program that allows veterans across the state to complete a confidential survey to hold Missouri VA facilities accountable. [Read More]

83.  When she found out that Missouri veterans were being targeted by home loan refinancing scams, Claire launched a resource page to help veterans figure out if a VA home loan offer might be a fraud and provided a portal for veterans to share their experiences so her office could help. [Read More]

84.  Following several cyberattacks on federal government computer networks, Claire worked with Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte to pass legislation increasing government cybersecurity standards and giving the Department of Homeland Security greater authority to shutdown government networks in the case of a cyberattack. [Read more]

85.  Claire’s oversight of the Lifeline phone and internet subsidy program found hundreds of millions of dollars in waste, fraud and abuse, and eventually forced regulators to implement reforms. [Read more]

86.  Because of pharmacy “gag clauses,” pharmacists were only allowed to tell you there was a cheaper way to pay for your medications if you asked. Thanks to Claire’s bipartisan legislation, this gag clause was repealed and pharmacists are free to help Missourians get their prescriptions at a more affordable price. [Read More]

87.  Claire passed bipartisan legislation to help crack down on synthetic identity theft — a fast-growing fraud estimated to cost more than $6 billion in losses — and ensure that children, who are typically the victims of this type of theft, are protected. [Read more]

88.  By cleaning up an outdated and duplicate government reporting process, Claire’s bipartisan legislation rooted out waste, saving time — and taxpayer dollars — in the process. [Read More]

89.  Claire co-sponsored a bipartisan amendment that helped crackdown on government fraud and misuse by requiring any unused earmarks get reported and returned to the general fund. [Read More]

90.  Claire saved taxpayer dollars with her bipartisan legislation requiring government agencies identify, minimize, and recover improper payments — continuing her fight to root out government waste, fraud, and abuse. [Read More]

91.  Claire passed bipartisan legislation to ensure that any government employee who reported waste, fraud and abuse was protected from retaliation. [Read More]

92.  After hearing concerns of improper oversight, Claire led an investigation into National Guard contracts worth more than $217 million to root out any waste, fraud, or abuse. [Read More]

93.  Claire called attention to fraud in the reverse mortgage industry that was causing many Seniors to lose their homes and helped force key changes to key policies, making these mortgages safer. [Read more]

94.  After sudden price hikes on medications that had been on the market for years, Claire got to work — holding hearings and leading a bipartisan investigation to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable. [Read More]

95.  Claire worked with a bipartisan group of senators to ensure that sufficient personnel was made available for oversights and audits of reconstruction programs in Afghanistan, which had already cost taxpayers $32 billion since 2001. [Read More]

96.  After hearing from patients who were left with tens of thousands of dollars of debt after an air ambulance ride, Claire got to work, successfully enacting new consumer protection requirements to ensure greater accountability and oversight in the air ambulance industry. [Read more]

97.  Claire led hearings and co-sponsored bipartisan legislation to make the Security Clearance process more rigorous and keep Missourians safe. [Read More]

98.  Claire worked across the aisle to pass legislation through the Senate paving the way for the return of the historic Delta Queen steamboat to the Mississippi River based in Jefferson County, Missouri. [Read more]

99.  Continuing her work to eliminate congressional earmarks, Claire teamed up with Republican Senator Jeff Flake to pass a provision allowing states to redirect nearly $6 billion of unused earmarks towards infrastructure projects in need of funding — freeing up more than $70 million for projects in Missouri alone. [Read more]

100. After hearing concerns from veterans across the state, Claire passed bipartisan legislation to increase the mileage reimbursement rate — for the first time in three decades — to ensure Missouri’s veterans, and especially those in rural areas, can access the health care they deserve. [Read More]

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