12 To 6 Balancer Factorio at Animes

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12 To 6 Balancer Factorio. It's just four 6 to 6 balancers hooked up like this. 3 level 1 · 2 yr.

Compact 6 belt balancer factorio
Compact 6 belt balancer factorio from www.reddit.com

That means that if the left 4 lanes were full they’d get backed up instead of spreading across the other 8 lanes like they do here. 2 continue this thread level 1 · 4 yr. Our factorio tutorial on building a 6 belt to 2 belt balanced reducer.

Compact 6 belt balancer factorio

The easiest solution (if not the most elegant) i can think of would be to treat it as 2 instances of 8 to 6 and use the balancers that exist for that. If the two right inputs are active and all but the two right outputs are blocked, you'll only get 1 belt worth of througput out of it (not 2). This factorio tutorial demonstrates how to build a balanced 2 to 6 belt splitter. This design is great for unloading both sides of a train car.