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Odin All Threads Completed 0 0. The 02 (service provider or carrier) startup screen and v2.3.5 are not ideal for me. I just replaced my note 3 and tried to root using chainfire and odin 3.09 and then odin 1.85.

Odin Progression Thread 3.0 Page 7
Odin Progression Thread 3.0 Page 7 from forum.square-enix.com

Here is the log <id:<strong>0</strong>/003> added!! I got a big red fail box in odin, tried again, and now odin just comes up saying all threads completed (succeed 0 / failed 0). The message that was coming up previously (as in immediately after the big red fail box showed up) had several lines (i didn't write them all down, and now they're gone), but at the bottom said something about succeed 0.

Odin Progression Thread 3.0 Page 7

Reboot your phone into download mode, but yet not proceed, plug into pc, open odin (as administrator), put the firmware files in their respective places, and finally press vol up to proceed in download mode and press start, it must solve. I keep getting all threads completed (succeed 0 / fail 0), and then of course nothing happens. Here is what i see on in the logs: I tried using all the usb sockets on my computer just in case but yeah odin sees the phone.