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Trials In Tainted Space Rut. If you are looking for the latest tainted space cheat codes we have them listed below. Project event dump thread ***submitted*** thursday at 8:04 pm.

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Trials in tainted space [public | tits] 21 pages of nuki stuff. Whenever your character has sex with an infected individual there is a small chance they gain the hidden status undetected sstd. Currently enjoying build 7.34 of tits, in one of the update i have seen that there is an enjoyable new implementation of the heat/rut status.

Looking for pic... Fenoxo Forums

It represents the genetic corruption of the character. Captain steele is able to become pregnant, be impregnated (and inseminate and impregnate others), in a variety of ways, possibly giving birth in several ways as well. Unfortunately, scope creep is a cruel mistress. Trials in tainted space cheats and console commands.