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April 3, 2018

Missourians need to know that Attorney General Josh Hawley promised to clean up corruption in Jefferson City — but has instead enabled that very corruption, conducting a sham investigation into Governor Greitens’ use of an app that deletes text messages as soon as they are read to protect the Governor — who donated $50,000 to Hawley’s Attorney General campaign.

  • The Kansas City Star said Missourians “can’t trust” Hawley’s investigation, calling it “substandard” and “a disservice to all Missourians.”
  • The St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote that the investigation “has been widely mocked because Hawley’s investigator didn’t interview Greitens and took his staffers at their word that they hadn’t misused the app.”
  • KMBC reported that “Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley is getting criticized for how he handled an investigation into the governor.”
  • And six former Missouri state attorneys, including a former MO Supreme Court judge, called Hawley’s investigation “halfhearted” and “unbelievable,” writing “we are left to wonder if Hawley is protecting the governor or is simply incompetent.”
It’s clear that Hawley has broken his promise to clean up corruption in Jefferson City, and is instead using his office to protect his donor and ally, Governor Greitens.

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