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March 15, 2018

Missourians need to know that Attorney General Josh Hawley is for sale.

Nearly seventy-five percent of Hawley’s direct campaign funding for Attorney General – more than 4 million dollars – came from a single wealthy donor.

  • While Hawley was elected on a promise to clean up corruption in Jefferson City, he looked the other way when this donor was accused of pay-to-play with the State Senate President — suddenly claiming he “didn’t have jurisdiction.”

A San Francisco billionaire and Google-critic donated $300,000 to Hawley’s AG campaign and donated the maximum amount allowed by law to Hawley’s Senate campaign.

  • Four days after this billionaire donated to Hawley’s Senate campaign, Hawley opened an investigation into Google.

No wonder the same Josh Hawley is looking the other way on the corruption scandal engulfing Governor Greitens.

  • Greitens donated almost $50,000 dollars to Hawley’s AG campaign.
  • Hawley has refused to investigate allegations against Greitens of sexual blackmail.
  • And Hawley has failed to investigate Greitens’ use of a secretive “dark money” nonprofit that refuses to disclose its wealthy special interest backers, and which Greitens has used to attack his political opponents and to run ads to support his policies.

Hawley’s loyalty is bought and sold to the highest bidder — regardless of what is in the best interest of Missouri.

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