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February 13, 2018

Missourians need to know that — with all the scandals going on in Jefferson City — Attorney General Josh Hawley is hiding. Hawley campaigned for Attorney General promising to do his job, clean up corruption, and not climb the political ladder.

  • But when it comes to investigating pay-to-play allegations against his biggest donor — he hides.
  • When it comes to investigating the dark money swirling around the Governor — he hides.
  • When it comes to investigating the allegations of the Governor’s sexual misconduct — he hides.
  • His office has even been fined by a federal judge for failing to do the most basic work of the Attorney General’s office. In cases in both state and federal court, Hawley has been effectively told “do your job” after repeatedly failing to meet simple deadlines.

Josh Hawley is so busy using the office he was elected to barely a year ago to run for another that he is breaking his promises to Missourians.

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