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May 1, 2018

Missourians need to know that Jefferson City is awash in dark dirty money, and Attorney General Josh Hawley is part of the problem.

  • Hawley strongly supports dark money, allowing corporations and special interests to make unlimited political contributions and to keep those donations hidden from the public. All in secret.
  • 75% of Hawley’s  donations in 2016 — nearly 4 million dollars — came from one wealthy donor. When that donor was accused of pay-to-play, Hawley looked the other way.
  • Hawley has refused to return the $50,000 in contributions Governor Greitens gave him during his 2016 campaign — and declined to investigate the Governor on multiple occasions, changing course only when it became obvious that he was not doing his job, but rather was protecting the governor.

It’s clear that Josh Hawley promised Missourians he would clean up corruption in Jefferson City and focus on his job. Instead Hawley looks the other way, corruption is worse than ever, and it’s fueled by dark money that Hawley supports.

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