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Claire has made fighting to curb domestic and sexual violence a defining issue during her time in public service.

Before being elected to the United States Senate, Claire was a courtroom prosecutor in Kansas City specializing in sex crimes. And as Jackson County Prosecutor, she developed one of the first Domestic Violence Units to assist in the prosecution of abusers and provide counsel for victims of abuse.

Claire has brought this dedication to combating sexual violence to her work in the Senate. Claire waged a two-year, bipartisan fight to combat sex trafficking and hold those who facilitate it accountable. This investigation led to a historic, unanimous vote in the Senate to hold the notorious website Backpage in contempt of Congress, and the results of this investigation are now available for state and local law enforcement officers to use when prosecuting sex trafficking cases.

Claire was one of the leading advocates to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act — landmark legislation that helps to protect women, children, and families who are the victims of domestic abuse.

And as a senior member of the Armed Services Committee, Claire led the fight to overhaul the way sexual assault is handled by the military, resulting in sweeping reforms to hold perpetrators accountable and support victims.

Claire has also focused on curbing sexual assault on college campuses, launching the first Congressional inquiry into how colleges and universities handle sexual assault on campuses. As a result of this survey, she has introduced bipartisan legislation to professionalize the response to sexual assault on college campuses to better protect and empower students.

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