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Claire has fought to provide relief for hard-working Missouri families. Claire worked across the aisle to support numerous pieces of bipartisan legislation that have helped bring more jobs to Missouri and America. She has worked to cut federal red tape for manufacturers and employers, strengthen federal job training programs, and expand tax cuts for small businesses and American workers.

Claire worked to pass the first boost in the federal minimum wage in more than a decade, and supports investing in the nation’s infrastructure to ensure that everyone has access to good-paying jobs. She also supports raising the federal minimum wage again so that hard-working Missouri families can make ends meet.

Claire has long opposed so-called “right to work” legislation. She strongly supports and has fought to protect the right for workers to come together and bargain collectively for better wages and working conditions.

Claire is a strong supporter of Missouri’s small businesses, and has worked to make it easier for small businesses in Missouri to start up and grow. She has successfully stopped unreasonable federal regulations that would have hurt Missouri’s businesses — such as the Labor Department’s regulation preventing young people from working on family farms — and intervened on behalf of Missouri homebuilders to ensure safety standards were applied more reasonably.

Claire has supported tax credits for families and small businesses, while opposing corporate tax loopholes that give the wealthy and corporations an advantage over hard-working Missourians. Claire supports bipartisan, comprehensive tax reform that benefits the middle class — but she opposed the Senate’s latest bill because it benefits the ultra-rich at the expense of those earning less than $75,000 a year.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has awarded Claire their annual “Spirit of Enterprise” award for her work to support job-creation.

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