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The daughter of a World War II veteran, Claire understands the responsibility we have to ensure that America’s veterans can access the benefits they have earned and deserve.

A senior member of the Armed Services Committee, Claire has worked across the aisle to improve management and care at the VA. Claire was instrumental in replacing the Walter Reed Army Medical Center management after reports of neglect, and she led the successful fight to clean up mismanagement at Arlington National Cemetery after it was reported that there were a vast number of mismarked graves.

Every year, Claire solicits confidential, direct feedback from Missouri’s veterans to understand their frustrations, so she can better address their needs and concerns.

Claire is also a founding member of the Senate Veterans Jobs Caucus, and has worked with her colleagues from both parties to incentivize companies to hire and train veterans, increase educational support for veterans, and smooth the transition from active duty to veteran service.

Claire believes strongly that every veteran has a right to the benefits that they have earned. She recently passed into law the Arla Harrell Act, a two-year battle on behalf of a Missouri veteran and his fellow servicemembers to deliver decades-overdue relief to veterans intentionally exposed to mustard gas during World War II.

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