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Claire believes that every woman should have access to preventive and health care services, and she will continue to protect women’s rights from unnecessary attacks.

As a breast cancer survivor, Claire has fought to preserve funding for Planned Parenthood, so that they can continue to provide life-saving health care services such as breast and cervical cancer screenings. She also supports the requirement that health insurance companies provide cost-free contraception to women — because Claire knows that the best way to prevent unintended pregnancies is to expand access to birth control.

Before being elected to the United States Senate, Claire was a courtroom prosecutor in Kansas City specializing in sex crimes. And as Jackson County Prosecutor, she developed one of the first Domestic Violence Units to assist in the prosecution of abusers and provide counsel for victims of abuse.

Claire has been outspoken about her experience with sexual harassment as a young legislator in Jefferson City. To help address the issue of sexual harassment and assault in our state’s capital, Claire recently gave a personal donation to help establish and fund, a website aimed at helping Missouri interns identify and respond to sexual harassment in the workplace. In the Senate, Claire has been an outspoken advocate for those who have experienced sexual misconduct and believes there need to be stronger policies and support for victims of sexual misconduct on Capitol Hill.

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