March 14, 2018 Fact Checks

FACT CHECK: Hawley’s Out-of-State Billionaire Donors Dump Millions More into Missouri with Misleading Ad on Tax Reform

MISSOURI — As Josh Hawley prepares to host millionaires and billionaires at a $50,000/person fundraiser this evening with President Trump, his out-of-state billionaire backers, the Koch Brothers, are dumping millions of dollars into Missouri to mislead voters about the tax bill.

But despite the Kochs’ best efforts to use their dark money group, Americans for Prosperity, to support Josh Hawley’s candidacy, they can’t change the facts:

  • The tax bill has provided over $50 billion to corporations and big drug companies, who are providing billions to their shareholders while continuing to raise the cost of prescription drugs for Missouri families.
  • This bill gives windfall profits to the health insurance industry and makes it easier for them to raise premiums on Missouri families.
  • The tax bill will increase the federal debt by $1.5 trillion dollars — and Republicans have suggested taking money away from Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid to fill the hole they’ve created.
  • This bill will result in thousands of people in Missouri losing their healthcare coverage.
  • Claire worked hard to reach across the aisle for a bipartisan compromise on tax reform that would help small businesses create jobs and provide real tax relief for the middle class. She met with President Trump, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, and offered amendments during the markup process on the bill — but despite big talk from Republicans, Claire’s attempts at bipartisanship were completely rebuffed.
  • Claire has a long record of working with her Republican colleagues on tax reform and job creation. Claire partnered with Republican Senator Susan Collins to write the bipartisan Jobs Creation Act to expand tax cuts for small businesses and hard-working Americans. Claire also supported the Small Business Jobs Act to help bolster job-creation through tax cuts and helped to pass the VOW to Hire Heroes Act, which provided tax credits to employers hiring veterans.

“This tax bill was a windfall for corporations and big drug companies. These companies have given billions of dollars to their shareholders while hiking the costs of prescription drugs for Missouri families. It’s disgraceful. And no amount of dark money from Josh Hawley’s out-of-state billionaire donors — who personally stand to gain at least $1 billion each year from this bill — will stop Claire from speaking out about it.” — McCaskill for Missouri Communications Director Meira Bernstein

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