June 1, 2018 Fact Checks

FACT CHECK: McConnell Dark Money Group Attempts to Distract from Hawley’s Failure as Attorney General with New Ad

MISSOURI — As Josh Hawley faces serious criticism over his failure to do his job as Attorney General, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s dark money group, One Nation, has dropped over a million dollars on a new ad in Missouri to try to distract voters.

While Republican dark money donors and special interests are desperate to cover up Hawley’s inability to do his job, here are the facts about Hawley’s record as Attorney General:

  • Hawley opened his investigation into Google four days after longtime Google-critic and billionaire Peter Thiel maxed out to Hawley’s Senate campaign. Thiel also donated $300,000 to Hawley’s Attorney General campaign.
  • Five months into his Google investigation, all Hawley has apparently done is request information from Google and do grandstanding TV appearances.
  • Hawley — a Citizens United-endorsed candidate — supports the use of dark money in political campaigns, forcing Missourians to ask whether Google-critic Peter Thiel is behind this latest ad.
  • After one donor contributed 75% of individual contributions to Hawley’s campaign for Attorney General, Hawley turned a blind eye to allegations of pay-to-play against that donor and ignored bipartisan calls to investigate.
  • Hawley’s office was fined by a federal judge for failure to produce documents and told to “do his job.”
  • Hawley has not personally prosecuted a single case in a court of law.
  • Disgraced Governor Eric Greitens gave Hawley $50,000 in contributions during his 2016 campaign for Attorney General. Hawley then conducted a “substandard” investigation into Governor Greitens potential destruction of government records. Hawley cleared Greitens of wrongdoing, despite not attempting to retrieve any of the Governor or his staff’s Confide messages, relying heavily on staff testimony, and not attempting to interview the Governor or challenging the Governor’s assertion of executive privilege.
  • Hawley waited nearly a year after Governor Greitens admitted wrongdoing in connection to his former charity’s donor list before launching an investigation. Hawley began investigating only after the press reported again on the situation and it was no longer politically tenable to do nothing.

“Did Peter Thiel pay for this ad as a thank you to Josh Hawley for his investigation into Google?” asked McCaskill for Missouri Press Secretary Eric Mee. “It’s clear that dark money billionaires and special interests are desperate to elect Josh Hawley because they know he will always put them first — but no amount of money can change the fact that Hawley has spent the last 17 months failing to do his job for the people of Missouri.”

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