July 11, 2018 Fact Checks

FACT CHECK: Pro-Hawley Super PAC Swoops in to Prop Up His Campaign with Misleading Attack on Claire’s Background

MISSOURI  Today, Missouri Rising — a SuperPAC with the expressed intention of electing Josh Hawley — swooped in to prop up Hawley’s campaign with a seven-figure ad buy that is designed to mislead Missourians about Claire’s background.

But try as they might, Hawley’s big-money backers can’t change the facts:

  • Claire waited tables to put herself through Mizzou and Mizzou Law School. As Missouri State Auditor living in Jefferson City, she was a single mother of three. And in 2002, she remarried to a man who was blessed to have created thousands of jobs throughout his life — and, as a byproduct, great wealth — exactly what Republicans celebrate President Trump for doing.
  • In order to speak with more Missourians around the state and hear what’s on their minds, Claire occasionally charters her husband’s company’s plane. No taxpayer or campaign dollars are ever used for the cost of the plane.
  • Claire is not going to apologize for using personal resources to hear from more Missourians about the issues that matter to them. She rode the RV for the majority of her Veterans and Military Families for Claire tour, and the plane was used to add a stop so that she could reach more Missouri veterans.
  • While Claire McCaskill’s average donation is $67, Josh Hawley is backed by millionaires and billionaires who are desperate to put him in the Senate so that he can support their priorities. Hawley refused to investigate his largest donor after allegations of pay-to-play and is a Citizens United-endorsed candidate who supports the Supreme Court decision that unleashed unlimited dark money into our politics.

“Try as they might, Josh Hawley’s billionaire backers are not going to be able to convince Missourians that Claire McCaskill is anything other than exactly who she is: a born-and-raised Missourian who worked hard to put herself through school and support her family. Claire knows how important each and every paycheck is to so many Missourians working to make ends meet — which is exactly why she fights so hard for them in the Senate,” said McCaskill for Missouri Press Secretary Eric Mee. “Josh Hawley, on the other hand, is the son of a banker, who went to private high school before attending Stanford, Yale Law, and working at a huge DC law firm. There’s no fooling Missourians who the elitist in this race really is.”

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