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September 13, 2017

Missourians need to know that over the past eleven months, Claire McCaskill has held 50 public, in-person town halls where anyone can attend and ask her any question. No community has been too small or too rural to warrant a visit and there are more town halls planned for the rest of the year. During her time in the Senate, Claire has held more town halls than the rest of the entire Missouri Congressional delegation combined.

Claire travels all over the state to hear from Missourians because she knows that Missourians are her boss, and that she must hold herself accountable to them.

“The reason I came — and I’m a die-hard Republican — is because you came to listen to us and the other two you mentioned won’t” – Brad Shrock, Ozark

“Claire McCaskill is very even. She’s neither liberal nor conservative. She’s middle of the road, hardworking and she listens to the people” – Jo Birchler, Rogersville

“She listens to the issues and she’s not afraid to address the issues” – Ray Birchler, Rogersville

Claire will go anywhere and have a conversation with any consitutent to better understand the ideas and concerns of Missourians, so she can better represent them in Washington. Her willingness to meet with anyone is part of the reason conservative news site Newsmax has ranked Claire one of the “hardest-working Senators in America.”


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A Fighter Missourians
Can Count On