September 11, 2018 Press Releases

30 for 30: Charlotte D’Alfonso Shares her Story on the Importance of Maintaining Protections for Missourians with Pre-Existing Conditions

Click here to watch Charlotte’s story.

CREVE COEUR — Today, McCaskill for Missouri released a new video highlighting the personal story of Charlotte D’Alfonso, who depends on current protections for pre-existing conditions. Like millions of Missourians, Charlotte’s son of Creve Coeur could be denied health insurance coverage if Josh Hawley’s lawsuit to take away these protections is successful.

Click here to watch Charlotte tell her story.

“Two years ago my son had an idiopathic ruptured brain aneurysm…I’m angry that I’m sitting here, on a summer afternoon, having to again bring up the memories of what happened during that time with my child so that I can get Claire elected because Josh Hawley and the other politicians who are taking money don’t value my family. It was hard enough that first year, those first minutes when we were told he wasn’t going to live, it was hard enough dealing with the insurance company for two or three hours every week…this shouldn’t happen to anybody else and it shouldn’t happen to any family.” — Charlotte D’Alfonso

Claire McCaskill has a clear record of working with members of both parties to strengthen our health care system. Claire recently co-sponsored a measure that would allow the Senate Legal Counsel to defend protections for pre-existing conditions against Josh Hawley’s lawsuit. Her efforts have included co-sponsoring bipartisan legislation to stabilize the individual market and introducing legislation to help rural Missourians access health insurance. Claire also introduced bipartisan legislation to address unfair Medicare reimbursements, allow pregnant women to buy health insurance year-round, and allow states to help small businesses by changing the definition of a “small group market.”

Meanwhile, Josh Hawley filed a lawsuit with 19 other Republican attorneys general that would end protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions. In the wake of the Trump Administration’s decision to back the lawsuit, health care advocates have slammed Hawley, telling The St. Louis American that Hawley “owes his constituents an explanation for why ripping away protections from people with pre-existing conditions helps the state of Missouri or its citizens.”

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