November 2, 2018 Press Releases

Claire McCaskill Holds Fighting for You Tour Stop in Columbia

Claire Contrasts Her Results Fighting for Missourians’ Health Care Access, Increased Wages, and Lower Prescription Drug Costs with Josh Hawley’s Record of Supporting Policies that Would Harm Working Missourians

COLUMBIA — Today, Senator Claire McCaskill held the twenty-ninth stop on her Fighting for You tour in Columbia, to contrast her record delivering results for Missouri families against Josh Hawley’s policy agenda, which would harm hard-working Missourians.

During her tour, Claire will return to many of the counties where she held public town halls over the past two years, to talk about how she used what she learned in those town halls to fight for and achieve results.

“People want to know my record delivering on promises to expand health care access, increase wages for working families and lower drug prices because results matter. Josh Hawley’s done a great job making big splashy announcements but hasn’t backed it up with results — he’s been all sizzle and no steak.” — Senator Claire McCaskill

Senator Claire McCaskill has a clear record of working with members of both parties to strengthen our health care system. President Trump recently signed legislation of Claire’s to repeal the pharmacy gag clause, so that pharmacists can tell consumers if their prescriptions would be cheaper by paying out-of-pocket, and her legislation to bring greater oversight to air ambulance costs is on the President’s desk for signature. Claire has also introduced bipartisan legislation to address unfair Medicare reimbursements, allow pregnant women to buy health insurance year-round, and allow states to help small businesses by changing the definition of a ‚Äúsmall group market.” McCaskill has been a consistent supporter of efforts to raise the federal minimum wage, and supported bipartisan legislation that successfully provided tax credits to small businesses that hired workers who had been unemployed for more than six months. And Claire strongly opposes Right to Work, which was rejected by 67% of Missouri voters in August.

Meanwhile, Josh Hawley — backed by his network of dark-money donors — used Missouri taxpayer dollars to file a lawsuit to remove all of the current consumer health care protections, including protections that prevent insurance companies from denying coverage to nearly 2.5 million Missourians with pre-existing conditions. Hawley’s lawsuit would also remove protections for Missourians who are on their parents’ health insurance plans and reopen the Medicare Part D donut hole. Hawley’s proposal for protecting those with pre-existing conditions has been slammed by editorial boards as “incoherent,” “unworkable,” and “doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously.” Just last week, Hawley again stated his opposition to even a modest increase for Missourians earning minimum wage. And he is a strong supporter of Right to Work — because it’s a priority of his biggest donor, who poured millions of dollars into getting Hawley elected Attorney General.