August 3, 2018 Press Releases

Claire McCaskill Speaks with Missourians in West Plains About the Impact of Tariffs on Missouri’s Farmers, Ranchers, & Manufacturers

WEST PLAINS — Today, Senator Claire McCaskill spoke with Missourians at Real Wood Floors in West Plains about the harmful impact that the Administration’s trade war is having on Missouri farmers, ranchers, and manufacturers. While Claire has spoken out against the Administration’s reckless trade policies and fought to protect Missouri jobs, Josh Hawley has continued to stand by the tariffs.

“The Administration’s decision to start picking winners and losers isn’t fair to Missouri farmers and manufacturers, and it isn’t the American way. While I support going after cheaters like China who manipulate international markets, this reckless trade war has hit hardest in communities here at home. That’s why I will keep fighting to end these disastrous trade policies and to support our farmers, ranchers, manufacturers, and folks across Missouri.”  Senator Claire McCaskill

“It was an honor to host Senator McCaskill today and discuss the challenges our company faces. We have seen prices for our timber drop by about 30% as a result of the Administration’s tariffs, and that is just one of many aspects of our business that have been negatively impacted. It is heartening to know that Claire is listening to us and working to address our concerns.” — Sam Cobb, CEO, Real Wood Floors

Claire is endorsed by the National Farmers Union for her work supporting Missouri’s farmers, ranchers, and rural communities. Earlier this summer, Claire confronted Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross about job losses at Mid Continent Nail Corporation, which were a direct result of the Administration’s tariffs. One Mid Continent Nail employee told Fox News that “Claire came here and is actually fighting for us. I haven’t seen the other guy do anything.” Claire called on Secretary Ross and the Commerce Department to help businesses like Mid Continent receive tariff exemptions, and she recently introduced legislation that would help workers who lost their jobs receive financial help. Claire also recently passed a bipartisan bill to protect Missouri’s agriculture industry from the threat of agro-terrorism — a bill that President Trump has signed into law. Claire will continue to speak out against the Administration’s trade war until Missourians see significant and permanent relief from these tariffs.