November 4, 2018 Press Releases

Hawley Cancels on Meet the Press Last Minute, Limps to Election Day

MISSOURI — This morning, Chuck Todd announced on Meet the Press that Josh Hawley cancelled at the last minute today. If this cancellation isn’t because of all the stories about out-of-state consultants running the Attorney General office, maybe it’s because recent polls show the race has shifted toward Claire and is now tied.

“It’s no wonder Josh Hawley doesn’t want to follow through on his interview commitment. Facing a constant barrage of news stories exposing the potentially illegal behavior in his Attorney General office and new polls showing the race is tied, Hawley is limping toward election day. Without a single public campaign event scheduled today, voters have to wonder if Hawley is simply tired of eating Claire’s dust on the campaign trail,” said McCaskill for Missouri Press Secretary Eric Mee.