July 10, 2018 Press Releases

ICYMI: Claire McCaskill Hears From Missourians on the Importance of Protecting Pre-Existing Condition Coverage

MISSOURI — Last week, Senator Claire McCaskill visited Rolla, Washington, Sunset Hills, Ellisville, and Troy to talk to voters about the importance of protecting health care coverage for Missourians with pre-existing conditions. Over a hundred Missourians turned out to encourage Claire to continue fighting to protect pre-existing condition coverage, and to voice their opposition to Josh Hawley’s lawsuit that would strip these health care protections away.

In Sunset Hills, Claire held a roundtable discussion with three Missourians with pre-existing conditions who expressed fears about the consequences of Josh Hawley’s lawsuit and its attempts to strip away their protections.

From the Washington Missourian:

Sen. Claire McCaskill was in Downtown Washington Monday to discuss protecting health care coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.

…McCaskill said she’s working toward protections that would keep drug prices the same no matter the age, race or sex of a person.

She wants her opponent, Attorney General Josh Hawley, to develop a plan instead of just gutting the Affordable Care Act (ACA). She wants to find ways to fix the problems associated with the ACA.

…McCaskill said she wants to be the senator who holds onto the middle by understanding the other party. She reminded her supporters that it’s important to respect Republicans and have open conversations.


From the Phelps County Focus:

Sen. Claire McCaskill stopped by the headquarters of the Phelps County Democrats in downtown Rolla on Monday for a summer campaign stop in preparation of this fall’s election. During an address to a friendly crowd, McCaskill launched what sounds to be her main salvo against presumed Republican opponent Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley in highlighting voter concerns with repealing the Affordable Care Act.

…“I want you to understand what Josh Hawley has done. They’ve gutted the ACA, those are not my words those are President Trump’s words,” McCaskill said. “Now there is a decision Josh Hawley had to make after they gutted it, and that is do I go to court with Missouri taxpayer money to absolutely invalidate everything, including the protections for people with preexisting conditions? He had a decision he had to make. He didn’t need to join that lawsuit.”

…“These are something that aren’t a Democratic value or a Republican value, these are something that every Missourian believes we need to get to work on because every Missourian is feeling the pressure about pharmaceutical drug prices and the fear that we’re going to go back to the bad old days,” McCaskill said.


From KMOX:

…During a campaign stop in the St. Louis area — complete with the Claire Bus — McCaskill urged the crowd of about 75 to get out and vote, and “to not just stay home and curse at your TV.”

…McCaskill spoke for about an hour to the crowd on her support for providing health coverage for pre-existing conditions. She says her likely opponent, Republican Josh Hawley, would favor insurance companies over people on the issue.


From the Cash Book Journal:

…McCaskill told around 50 supporters and volunteers that she decided her campaign would be more people-to-people focused after she found the response to her town halls to be different than past years. The senator said that instead of the “vitriol” she faced in 2010 around the passing of the Affordable Care Act, there were more people who showed up that hadn’t already made their mind.

“What I think is going to move the needle is people going out — knocking on doors, talking to their neighbors, talking to their friends,” McCaskill said.

Cape Girardeau has been one of the most successful of McCaskill’s 21 campaign offices, having the record of number of doors knocked on in June. Cape Girardeau volunteers are responsible for knocking on 15,000 of the 400,000 doors canvassed for McCaskill’s campaign in June.

…The senator also answered questions about healthcare, saying she is “the only candidate running that will go to the mat to make sure you can still buy insurance if you’ve been sick before.” McCaskill said.

Hawley, as attorney general, is currently taking part in a lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act. McCaskill said that has put millions of Missourians with pre-existing conditions at risk of losing coverage.

McCaskill added that Hawley says he supports protections for preexisting conditions, but “it matters what you do more than what you say.